Production of the famous Gavi wine, a guarantee of quality and an exceptional breath.


Wine Growers and Gavi wine

The characteristic soil, the quality of the vineyard and irradiation of the sun are the main elements which distinguish the character of this wine. The farm creates elegant and sophisticated bottles and prepare them for the most important moment of their journey: a meeting with the consumer, with, good food and happiness with friends. The wine growers and producers contributed, with its work, to make Gavi wine national and internationally famous and it was one of the first lands to create its typical bottling line. This is reinforced by the number 11 on the bottling register, the lowest in the provinces of Alessandria.


After years and generations, “ La Merlina” Wine Growers and Producers maintained unchanged his productivity and expanding, bit by bit, its dimensions, opening their production to people and offering a tasting service. The winery doesn’t perform miracles or alchemy. There is the presence of ta man, a nationally famous wine-grower, who takes custody of bunches of grapes and thanks to technology and experience follows the wine during an exciting and silent metamorphosis. When the journey is over, the wine release all its personal characteristic, strengthen every year.

The experience and the untiring pursuit of an even more high quality, the willingness and the infinite pleasure, all these characteristics guide man during the meticulous selection of the wine According to the years, bottles of Gavi produced by “La Merlina” ranging from 60 thousand to 80 thousand This happens because Gavi qualities must be always undeniable . The land of origin makes a previous selection: the heart of the owned-vineyard characterize the origin of the wine Gavi di Rovereto di Gavi, which never exceed 30.000 bottles per year The remaining vineyard proposes the Gavi di Rovereto di Gavi “ Gemme” and its quality ranging from 40 thousand to 50 thousand bottles Gavi wine of “La Merlina” wine growers and producers is a guarantee of quality and reliability.