About us

“Podere La Merlina is a vine of very ancient origins.”

The History and the Foundation

“La Merlina” is a wine growers and producers of Rovereto, a hamlet of Gavi, in the provinces of Alessandria. It is situated in the most important area of Cortese vineyards who has very old origins.

“La Merlina”, with I Gemmi farmhouse extends for 37 acres planted with Cortese vineyard to produce Gavi wine. This wine obtained , in 1974, the international registered designation of origin D.O.C., and in 1998 the D.O.C.G. , registered and certified designation of origin.

“La Merlina” has a hundred-year-old history: its founder Gerolamo Gemme, the grand father of the current owners, started the wine growers and producers in the second half of the nineteenth-century.

Over the last year, the wine growers and producers maintained its distinguishing character of a small family-owned handicraft, the current owner Fausto Gemme takes part in person to every stage of production and makes sure that everything respects quality and the traditional rules of cultivation and wine-making.

Novelty in the past

Here in Gavi, there is a Front full of history which dominates the hills like an insurmountable bastion that follows the days. Is a real symbol of rooting in the territory, of stability in terms of thinking and certainty, behaviours that people from Gavi have imitated and followed. The example of Fausto Gemme is emblematic, he interlaced his work at the vineyard following in the former generation footprint. This is the reason why his bottles declares the lowest register of bottling in the provinces of Alessandria, n. 11 For this reason, Gerolamo Gemme, grand father of Fausto, begin the wine growers and producers to start production off, and looking for his wine distinguishing characters such as guarantee and a clear origin. Since then, years and generations passed by but “La Merlina” wine growers and producers maintained unchanged his productivity and expanding, bit by bit, its dimensions. Today, in Rovereto in the heart of the ancient region of Gavi wine-making, “La Merlina” extends for 27 acres of vineyards planted with Cortese: a thirty-year-old viticultural heritage build up with wisdom and that produce seven hundred hectolitres of wine. Cortese vineyard is a very fruitful territory thanks to the commitment of Fausto Gemme and despite the unforeseeable weather conditions and the lowest fertility of the soil.